Konstantin - Vocals
Evgeny - Guitars
Max - Bass / Drum Programming



Necromorphic Irruption is a slamming style guttural brutal death from Moscow. Band was formed in late 2011 by Evgeniy (guitar) and Max (bass).
After short search of vocalist and drummer line-up was completed
with Vlad (vocals) and Evgeniy (drums).

In early 2012 guys recorded first 2-song Promo. Vocals was recorded
on SFC Studio, all mixing & mastering was performed by Evgeniy (guitar).
Promo tracks were well appreciated by the fans of brutal
and collected good reviews.

In lyrical and artwork themes guys are inspired by such things
as deep space and unknown threats emanating from it.




Slaughter On The Earth - [Full-Length, 2013]



01. The Extirpation

02. Birth Of The Traitor

03. Soaked In Vile Secretion

04. Transmutative Invader Foetus

05. Inhuman Nightmare

06. Triumph Of Male Domination

07. Symptoms Of Grievous Defacement

08. Consumed By Pestilence

09. Eradication Of The Innocents