- Lead & Rhythm Guitars
Johan - Rhythm Guitar
Martyn - Bass
Thorn - Vocals
Tom 'Sic' Urbanek - Drums



The Austrian Death Metal Entity AMONGST THE DECEIT was formed in Salzburg/Austria in 2008. The two founding members and guitarists Steve
and Johan originated from bands with quite different styles. Shortly after writing some material, Martyn (Bass) and Thorn (Vocals) joined the band.

Soon it was clear that the music had to be a mixture of all kinds of extreme metal played with the utmost care and passion,
A combination of sick blast beats and double bass madness,
devastating death/THRASH/black riffs, technical abilty and melodic solos.
Things seemed to go well except the not yet occupied position
behind the drum kit.

After a hard and unsuccessful search for a blast machine
the band decided to write their material first
before engaging a pro drummer for the job.
As it would later turn out it had been the right decision.
With Tom 'Sic' Urbanek behind the kit the band was ready to enter
the mischmaschine.
At studios in Oberalm, Austria to finally record their debut album called "Tribulations of Man"




Tribulations Of Man - [Full-Length, 2011]



1. Inceptum
2. Inferior Lives
3. Dark Science
4. Dawn of the Martyr
5. Infernal DNA
6. Dead with Open Eyes
7. Death Walks the Earth
8. The Sadistic Impulse
9. (Bonus Track)




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