- Lead Vocal
Jens - Guitar/Vocal
Morten - Guitar
Danny - Bass
Kai - Drums



Orphalis was formed in 2010 by Morten (guitar), Danny (bass) and Kai (drums).
Jens (vocals and guitars) joined the band a few months later.
After a long search for a skilful vocalist the lineup was completed
with Dennis joining the band.

Orphalis stands for a relentless and technical breed of death metal,
which combines creative songwriting, furious drumming and brutal vocals.
The lyrical themes deal with philosophical matter
and differ from typical death metal topics.

The first 3-song EP "Watchmaler Analogy" was recorded in 2011
and received a very positive feedback.
The band is currently working on their first full lenth record,
which will be recorded in April 2012 and released trough Show No Mercy Records.




Human Individual Metamorphosis - [Full-Length, 2012]



01. Intro
02. Hypnagogia
03. Watchmaker
04. Veins Of Delusion
05. Gnosis In Self-Immolation
06. Monuments To Aneristic Illusion
07. Giving Birth To A Hydrocephalic Deity
08. Black Floods
09. Anthropocene Purgation