Michael Pinkard 
- Vocals
Mike Shaw - Guitars/Bass
Juan P. Campo- Drums



Band started in mid 2009 by Juan and Jim started Extremely Rotten
wanting to make some nasty sick fucking metal,
then got together with other metalhead pot smoking fools and made a demo,

Played a few shows and smoked a shit ton of weed and drank
lots of booze and beer, come to our shows, go fucking crazy,
bang your head, punch your sister, beat up some emo fags
And get fucking brutalized!




Grotesque Acts Of Humanity - [Full-Length, 2013]



01. Inhuman Harvest
02. Cerebral Devourment
03. Chambers Of Excruciation
04. Vomiting Entrails
05. Eating Away Through Your Own Prolapsed Rectum
06. Pus Filled Uterus
07. Breeding Alien Hybrids
08. Rotting Placenta
09. Addicted To Vaginal Fluids
10. Organ Collector