Tim Bee - Vocals
Josh Alvarado - Guitars
Dalton Robertson - Guitars

Floyd Winters - Bass
Tyrel Sanders - Bass

Chase Ehle - Drums




Romanticizing rape, torture and cannibalism since 2007,
Paroxysmal Butchering consistently delivers slamming, guttural sickness,
exemplifying the essence of Brutal Death Metal, while incorporating elements of Grindcore and Black, Death into an all out aural fist fuck of blasting perversity.

Churning out misanthropic disgust from the festering bowels of Southern California,
Paroxysmal Butchering has worked hard to establish a loyal fan base, and create music that is both ferocious and unyielding, yet memorable.

As a band, Paroxysmal Butchering continues to assert itself
as one of the regions premier purveyors of ear drum punishing, genital obliterating brutality.




Human Smasher [Full-Length, 2014]



01. InnardsExpulsion of Partially Digested Heads
02. Forcefully Seized and Sodomized
03. Intracranially Extirpated (Inst.)
04. Mung Asphyxiation
05. Killed and Drilled
06. Imminent Punishment
07. Masturbatory Suppression of Cannibalistic Compulsion
08. Human Smasher (Inst.)
09. Ignition of Racing Thoughts
10. Excruciating Inundation of Insanely Irrational Mental Formations
11. Concentrated Suffering
12. Perverse Metamorphosis
13. Tuning in to Sickening Internal Frequencies
14. Psychotic Termination

Supreme Revulsion [Full-Length, 2012]



01. Anally Siphoned Innards
02. Cadaveric Disgorgement
03. Chemical Castration
04. Shitstorm of Perversity
05. Turnoffs Include Consent
06. Cocooned in Entrails
07. Scourge of Malevolence
08. Retching On Virulent Rectal Exudation
09. Axiom of Suffering

10. Macrocosmic Eradication
11. Acephalic Rape and Disembowelment

12. Ingurgitating Putrescence